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Reflecting on the early un days, Lily Hibberd — artist and founder of un Magazine — notes that 'despite the domain of arts writing being more grounded and less glamorous than an art gallery, and its having a smaller audience than a movie or concert, arts writing is a salve for troubled times.' And we are most certainly in times that are troubled ...

Since its inception almost two decades ago, un Magazine has become an essential space for independent artists, emerging critics, and the local arts community. We have remained committed to a culture of critical engagement, bold discourse and accessibility. Across almost twenty issues, we have published the work of hundreds of emerging arts writers and supported the careers of countless practitioners across Australia. The content that we publish is open access and free to read — and will continue to be so. If you have enjoyed un Magazine over the years and are in a position to do so, please consider supporting un Projects with a monthly donation via our Patreon. Every dollar makes a difference, and all funds will go towards paying the many incredible artists and writers that we work with.