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Reflecting on the early un days, Lily Hibberd — artist and founder of un Magazine — notes that 'despite the domain of arts writing being more grounded and less glamorous than an art gallery, and its having a smaller audience than a movie or concert, arts writing is a salve for troubled times.' And we are most certainly in times that are troubled ...

un Projects publishes ambitious, daring and critical art writing. We support new and diverse voices, and are committed to generating dialogue about, and building audiences for, local independent art.

As mainstream Australian media offers less and less coverage of visual art – particularly the independent sector – the role of un Projects in fostering critical dialogue, and encouraging excellence and innovation around contemporary visual arts, is increasingly important.

Committed to inclusivity, everything that we publish is free, but ALL contributors are paid. Your generous donation will help us pay the artists, writers, editors, designers and mentors we work with. As the grateful recipient of a Plus1 grant, we are also excited to let you know that any donation you make during this fundraiser will be matched dollar for dollar, a great opportunity for you to see your money go further!

Donations can be be made online here (and are fully tax deductible).

Supporting us at any level makes a difference. To give you an idea of the value of your donation:
$50+ unBelievable goes towards the smooth running of un Projects and un Magazine
$500+ unPrecedented supports the career development of an emerging arts writer, including professional mentoring and paid publication in un Magazine
$1,200+ unConditional allows us to commission three months worth of innovative, engaged and quality content for our readers
$200+ unDisputed pays an arts writer to publish a review of an independent ARI or gallery on un Extended
$3,000+ unSurpassed sponsors a writer to produce a major body of new work engaging critically and creatively with contemporary visual art

There are multiple ways to support un Projects. If you would prefer to make a monthly donation, you can sign up to our Patreon. Every dollar makes a difference, and all funds will go towards paying the many incredible artists and writers that we work with.

If you are interested in discussing your support, please contact Sarah Gory, un Managing Editor, on sarahgory[at]unprojects.org.au.