un Magazine 13.1 OUT NOW




The latest edition of un Magazine is out now.

Issue 13.1: We Got 'im, co-edited by Bobuq Sayed & Hugh Childers, is available in print and online. The print edition of un Magazine is distributed and available for free at galleries and outlets across Australia and internationally.

'Printed in un Magazine 13.1 are security threats, alternative histories, terrorist subjectivities, paranoid infidels, treason, experimental detonations and contemporary art practice. Many of the contributions displace the rudimentary ethical demands of making work within a context produced by violence. Departing from a logic of mourning, these artists and writers engage with the flux in more material, energetic, social and semiotic ways ..."
--- from Editorial, un Magazine 13.1

Featuring writing & art by: Contributors to un Magazine 13.1: Freya Rose, Destiny Deacon, Holly Keys, Gilbert Caluya, Hoda Afshar and Behrouz Boochani, Dale Harding, Natalie Ironfield and Nayuka Gorrie, Nur Shkembi, Carol Que, Bahar Sayed, Karin Schneider and Nicolás Guagnini with Jeff Preiss, Ceri Hann, Will Kollmorgen, Bridget Chappell, Zacry Spears, Anabelle Lacroix, Safdar Ahmed, Ava Amedi, Tim Marvin.

Cover image:
Abdul Abdullah
Wedding Series: Accumulated Dividend (detail)
archival print
Courtesy the artist.