un Magazine 13.2 OUT NOW




The latest edition of un Magazine is out now.

Issue 13.2: The Melbourne Model, co-edited by Bobuq Sayed & Hugh Childers with Assistant Editor Jo Pugh, is available in print and online. The print edition of un Magazine is distributed and available for free at galleries and outlets across Australia and internationally.

'Importantly, this issue of un Magazine which adopts the University as its central axis, features contributions by undergraduate students, professors and those who operate outside of the context of the University entirely — as much as there is an outside. Among each contribution is an audit of ‘study’ — study as materiality, as aesthetic experience and as an exercise in politicality. ...'
--- from Editorial, *un Magazine 13.2

Featuring writing & art by: Melinda Reid, Sophie Chauhan, Michael Stevenson and Anna Parlane, Richard Birkett, Carol Que and Joel Sherwood-Spring, Paul Boyé, Rosemary Overell, Kym Maxwell, members of the Samoa House Library board, Torika Bolatagici, Debris Facility Pty. Ltd., Andrew Norman Wilson and Rosemary Forde.

Cover image:
Ariane Jaccarini
You stand in a flat terrain strewn with unusual grey rocks
Courtesy the artist.