un Magazine 14.2: Inviting Proposals




un Projects is now calling for proposals for un Magazine 14.2, co-edited by Rosie Isaac and Elena Gomez, to be published November 2020. You can read their first issue on CARE here.

Deadline: midnight Sunday 19 July.

Antidepressants, antibacterial, antisocial, antichrist, anticlimax, anticlockwise, antidote.

ANTI– is a prefix. How can a word, a meaning, become its opposite? Turn against itself? And in what ways does it do this: semantic, political, chemical, relational, physical?

We are interested in the position. A position that sits in the negative. What does it mean to sit against something? To create against something? What are we against? How do we make art against the world? We think of antifa in recent years, of rising interest in anticapitalism (in the wake of the now distant-seeming financial crisis of 2008). Antipolitics, antiracism, anticolonialism. A position that is concerned with our place in the world, and what that means when the world keeps changing — or appearing to. And how does that which we are against inform what we are? Does this negative formation hamper our imagination, or is it the only way to orient ourselves?

But also, there is its sound-twin: ANTE. A different kind of prefix that marks a temporal position, before. What happens when we consider these alongside each other, as ANTI/ANTE? (We owe our thinking of this pairing to Andrew Brooks.) We are interested in this duality as a launching point, and seek responses that trouble or meditate on the distinctions between ANTI- and ANTE-.

To be against something is to wish to change it. Is this change a simple flip? Does anti necessarily inscribe a binary logic? Does ante necessarily inscribe a chronological one? We seek writing and artwork that responds to either or both of these words in broad or small ways, in the material and immaterial senses. We seek works that pause in the friction of conflict: the crucial ‘anti’ that holds institutions, governments, communities to account. We seek pieces that look to what came before, to the very idea of precedents. When we consider the position — ANTI/ANTE — as radically spatial and temporal, can we embrace the messy reality of a vision of the world that allows such a useful friction, a vision for the future on the other side of ANTE?


un Magazine is a biannual journal about contemporary visual art — proposals should seek to engage with art and practice in their exploration of anti/ante. un Magazine publishes essays, interviews, artworks, creative commentary, audio and video works, and everything in between. We are open to experimental approaches within printed and online formats. All contributors are paid, with rates varying from $150 - $450. To submit your proposal, download and complete the following application form.

un Magazine hopes to publish a diverse range of voices. We always encourage submissions from writers and artists who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, as First Nations, as queer and/or trans, as having a disability, people of colour, and people of all genders.

Questions? Email un Projects Managing Editor Sarah Gory on sarahgory[at]unprojects.org.au

DEADLINE midnight Sunday 19 July

PLEASE SUBMIT ALL MATERIAL (inc. the submission form, images, etc.) AS A SINGLE PDF OR WORD DOC. FILE. If multiple files are submitted, your application will be returned.