un Magazine 15.1: Inviting Proposals




un Projects is now calling for proposals for un Magazine 15.1, edited by Snack Syndicate (Astrid Lorange and Andrew Brooks), to be published May/June 2021.

Deadline: Monday 11 January 2021.

At the end of 2020, we are reflecting on a year of constraint, austerity, isolation, and withdrawal. We have collectively witnessed, though differently experienced, a year defined by a crisis of social reproduction, the foreclosure of the promise of a certain kind of future, death, illness, and the protection of work over life, capital over the workers who accumulate its value. In short, 2020 has been a year defined by the dialectics of deficit and surplus.

This issue of un Magazine will take surplus as its focus. Surplus value names that which is made when a worker is paid less than they labour. Surplus population names those excluded from the wage relation and managed by often lethal forms of discipline. Surplus is waste, by-product, offshoot, discharge. Surplus is abundance, excess. Surplus points to places where we might disrupt, transcend or complicate expected boundaries or categories; it can be a risk, a vulnerability, a triumph.

In 2020, the culture wars intensified and an already hostile approach from the Australian state towards critical arts practice turned into an opportunity for the large-scale neglect, defunding, and devaluing of cultural production. Art, it seems, is entirely surplus to the national economy in a moment of austerity. Artists and arts workers face a moment of reckoning. How do we go on? What do we go on to? What is worth preserving as we step over the threshold, into a future full of both uncertainty and possibility?

For this issue, we invite artists, writers, educators and activists to respond to the theme of surplus. We are interested in submissions of all forms, styles and registers. We offer the following list not to over-determine submissions but to give some points of departure. We are keen for the theme to be explored broadly and laterally.

● How might we think of art as generative surplus?
● How does art engage with surplus, deficit, debt?
● How do we read, critique, analyse, teach and learn from art borne out of this moment of crisis — what archive is being formed and how we will we maintain it?
● How can we understand socially engaged art and its troubled history in a moment of social isolation and in relation to the crisis of social reproduction that the pandemic has intensified?
● How can art embrace a surplus of imagination, towards more just futures, or against present miseries?


un Magazine is a biannual journal about contemporary visual art — proposals should seek to engage with art and practice in their exploration of surplus. un Magazine publishes essays, interviews, artworks, creative commentary, audio and video works, and everything in between. We are open to experimental approaches within printed and online formats. All contributors are paid, with rates varying from $150 - $450. To submit your proposal, download and complete the following application form.

un Magazine hopes to publish a diverse range of voices. We always encourage submissions from writers and artists who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, as First Nations, as queer and/or trans, as having a disability, people of colour, and people of all genders.

Questions? Email un Projects Managing Editor Sarah Gory on sarahgory[at]unprojects.org.au

DEADLINE Monday 11 January 2020

PLEASE SUBMIT ALL MATERIAL (inc. the submission form, images, etc.) AS A SINGLE PDF OR WORD DOC. FILE. If multiple files are submitted, your application will be returned.