23 February, 2018

Helen Maudsley

In this video, the first episode in the STUDIO series, we speak to Helen Maudsley, a Melbourne painter who often refers to her paintings as visual essays.


Helen Maudsley’s personal visual language examines ideas of analogy, association and ambiguity, based on her reflections on the world around us. Maudsley discusses colour and composition as well as her experience of making art and how she feels her practice has changed over time.

A senior Melbourne artist, Helen Maudsley has had solo exhibitions regularly since 1957. Her work is held in numerous public collections, including the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of South Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria.

STUDIO is an artist interview series, speaking with artists about their process and practice. This series aims to be reflective and responsive to current conversations within contemporary art and more broadly. With a focus on Australian artists STUDIO makes accessible conversations that happen in the studio; creating an archive that links generations, highlights crossovers and examines different disciplines.

STUDIO is created by Tamsen Hopkinson, a New Zealand artist based in Narrm, Melbourne.