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Janis Ferberg

Crisis Complex

Crisis ComplexHeidi Axelsen & Hugo Moline, Ella Barclay, Carla Cescon, Edgar Cobián, Tony Garifalakis, Francesca Heinz, Lise Hovesen & Javier Rodriguez, Adam Norton, Joaquin Segura, Takayuki Yamamoto, theweathergroup_UCurated by Laura McLean & Sumugan SivanesanTin Sheds Gallery, The University of SydneySeptember 14 – October 13, 2012 Against a backdrop of economic downturn, political misfeasance, natural disaster, […]

Helen Hughes

Sketching: Bodies in motion

Scanning the landscape of local contemporary art practices, the body in motion presents itself in a variety of different guises. As a doing-body that negotiates space in Bianca Hester’s constructed environments; a choreographed dancer’s body in Sriwhana Spong’s videos and collages; and a medium — literally, a communication vessel — in Adelle Mills’ short, edited […]

Scott McCulloch

The Moskulls

1 The cult of the dead was not alien to them, nor a certain respect for those who were absent. It seemed these people with their Slavic faces, fresh and cruel, slept in a photographer’s prayer-room.[^1] I’m where the light is black-orange. The city is known for its lack of Soviet infrastructure and staunch and […]

Jane Howard

Atlanta Eke’s Monster Body

Atlanta EkeMonster BodyDancehouse as part of the Next Wave Festival, Melbourne21 May – 27 May 2012 Before entering the theatre at Dancehouse for Monster Body, the Next Wave audience is given a caution: this show contains nudity and is not suitable for people under eighteen years. Walking in, we are immediately confronted by choreographer and […]

Beth Rose Caird

The Artist Doesn’t Get His Hands Dirty: Visible Solutions and other impossible histories

‘There is no such thing as society’[^1] Margaret Thatcher As I begin ticking the boxes on the ‘fax transaction’ of Estonian-based entrepreneurial collective Visible Solutions, the deadpan sincerity of this Limited Liability Company’s contact form seems deliberately reminiscent of any stock-standard interaction with a capitalist liberal state authority. Such impersonal and dogmatic interactions were adopted […]

Chris Williams-Wyn

Michelle Sakaris’ Monument to the 8-Hour Day

Michelle SakarisMonument to the 8-hour dayScreen Space, Melbourne26 July – 11 August 2012 In her latest video work, Monument to the 8-Hour Day 2012, Michelle Sakaris muses on the place of time in contemporary society. Her eponymous subject was the Eight Hour Movement Monument in Melbourne, which commemorates the introduction of the eight-hour working day. […]

Susan Gibb

The Future is Without You: Redefining Sarah Rodigari

On Saturday 4 June 2011, Sarah Rodigari departed Melbourne for Sydney on foot. Titled Strategies for Leaving and Returning Home 2011, the walk served multiple purposes: Rodigari relocating back to the city she had left ten years earlier; as relief from growing fatigue with the polemics of her own art practice (in other words, her […]

Jarrod Rawlins

Game on Mole: Inter-class sexual practice and playing classical music to the African diaspora

Social class (or simply ‘class’) is a set of concepts in the social sciences and political theory centred on models of social stratification in which people are grouped into a set of hierarchical social categories. — Jimmy Wales Just as I was considering it possible that the existence of the three-tiered class system I was […]

Anna Parlane

Maths, Flight and the Devil: Two exhibitions by Michael Stevenson

Michael StevensonNueva Matemática Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City26 August – 18 November 2012A Life of Crudity, Vulgarity, and BlindnessPortikus, Frankfurt am Main29 September – 2 December 2012 Flying into Mexico City’s Benito Juarez airport, the city is resplendent in its massive, sprawling entirety. It resembles nothing more than a tide, a swollen flood of […]

Claire Hielscher

David M Thomas’ Party Disguised as Work or Work Disguised as a Party

David M ThomasParty Disguised as Work or Work Disguised as a PartyBoxcopy, Brisbane7–28 July 2012 David M Thomas’ recent exhibition Party Disguised as Work or Work Disguised as a Party at Boxcopy in Brisbane presented an exhibition where art is neither all work nor all play. As an artist who works with a variety of […]

Sumugan Sivanesan

The Work of Art in the Age of Neoliberal Acculturation: Reflections on a correspondence with Karmelo Bermejo

I came across Karmelo Bermejo’s work through an offhand photograph of a scuffed Nilfisk vacuum cleaner in an otherwise slick art magazine, captioned: Internal Component of the Vacuum Cleaner of an Art Centre Director Replaced by a Solid Gold Replica with the Funds of the Centre He Directs 2010. Intrigued, I sent Karmelo an email […]

George Egerton-Warburton

Jake Walker’s Paintings and Relief & Painting and Relief

Jake WalkerPaintings and ReliefStudio 12, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne13 July – 18 August 2012Painting and ReliefUtopian Slumps, Melbourne18 July – 18 August 2012 The titles of Jake Walker’s two solo exhibitions in July this year were homonymic descriptions. Paintings and Relief at Utopian Slumps presented a suite of nine paintings and an assortment of ceramic pieces […]

Rachel Haynes

What’s in a Name: Catherine or Kate; or Catherine Sagin; or Fiona Mail?

Catherine or Kate is a double act comprising Catherine Sagin and Kate Woodcroft. The duo define their artworks in terms of winning and losing, and play out the division of labour in an artistic practice that employs video, performance, photography and sculpture. Catherine or Kate utilise combative and comparative processes, which challenge notions of artistic […]

Kyle Weise

Steven Rendall’s Television Project

Steven RendallTelevision ProjectThe Substation, Newport26 July – 19 August 2012 An enormous painting of a retail television showroom formed the physical and conceptual centre of Television Project, Stephen Rendall’s recent exhibition at The Substation. The painting was initially sketched with blank white spaces on each of the represented television screens. An image of this partial […]

David Homewood

John Nixon: Anti-whatever whatever

John NixonJohn Nixon: Paintings and Drawings 1979–1993KalimanRawlins7–28 July 2012 John Nixon: Paintings and Drawings 1979–1993, held in July at KalimanRawlins gallery in South Yarra, provided an important opportunity for many — especially the younger generation of artists, curators and critics for whom Nixon is something of a cult figure in the Melbourne scene — to […]

Miri Hirschfeld

Max Creasy’s Making Marks

Max CreasyMaking MarksWest Space24 August – 15 September 2012 Looking at Max Creasy’s photographs at West Space, I am confused. The room sheet tells me that they are C-type photographs, but my eye suggests something else. The subjects of the images — highlighters, markers, pencils and pens — are depicted in a manner that is […]

Spiros Panigirakis

Teacher, Teacher, Teacher

Whilst taking part in an MFA seminar discussion regarding Jacques Rancière’s The Ignorant Schoolmaster and using it as a model to understand an audience’s reception and production of an art experience — my thoughts became very literal.[^1] Could I have admitted to my 2002 Year-Eight metalwork class that I lacked oxy-acetylene welding experience and that […]

Olivia Poloni

Kosuke Ikeda’s Melbourne Art-Power Plant

Kosuke IkedaMelbourne Art-Power PlantRMIT Project Space20 July – 16 August 2012 Although at first glance Kosuke Ikeda’s Melbourne Art Power Plant may have looked like a room filled with boys’ toys, it was more like an alternate space for evoking a quiet revolution in the way we think about dirty energy. The exhibition was a […]

Andrew Mcqualter

Vivienne Binns: Art and Life

Vivienne BinnsVivienne Binns: Art and LifeCurated by Dr Penny PeckhamLatrobe University Museum of Art, Melbourne2 July – 24 August 2012 Some exhibitions allow you to realise that there are gaps in the discourse we conduct about contemporary art. In the introduction to the catalogue published to accompany the exhibition Vivienne Binns: Art & Life at […]

Alanna Lorenzon

Katherine Riley’s Panpsychic Household Solutions

Katherine RileyPanpsychic Household SolutionsResidential locations throughout Melbourne Panpsychic Household Solutions is a project by Melbourne artist Katherine Riley, where her services as a ‘house cleaner’ are offered free of charge to willing participants. This offer, initially made in emails to friends, family and acquaintances and later publicised through social media and The Thousands, became so […]

Tim Woodward

Other public structures

Veronica Kent

Casa Batlló Double Bench/Telepathy Chair

Dylan Statham

Linescreen i–v

Brooke Babington

There is nothing that is major or revolutionary except the minor [Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari]

edited by: Chris Kraus Chris Kraus is a Los Angeles-based author and critic, founding editor of Semiotext(e)’s Native Agents imprint and onetime filmmaker in the New York downtown scene of the mid-eighties. Her novels — part-fiction, part-memoir and part-philosophy — include I Love Dick, Aliens and Anorexia and Torpor. Kraus has written three books of […]

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