un Projects is based on the unceded sovereign land and waters of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation; we pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.
un Projects

Issue Number: 17.1

Elyas Alavi

Memory is a dagger, 2022

Leila el Rayes

vulnerable & volatile, 2016 / the stone throwers slingshot, 2018 / Dancing in the crevice of desire, 2018

To read this piece in full in the print version of un Magazine 17.1 RESIST.

Olga Svyatova

Dear Friend, 2021-ongoing

Olga Svyatova is an artist from Russia, now based in Eora/Sydney. In their practice they explore complex links between memory, relationships and identity.

Jack Mitchell

Returning to Resistance Transmission: a conversation with Eliki Reade

In 2019, Jack Mitchell of Black White and Bluespace and Eliki Reade of New Wayfinders collaborated on Resistance Transmission — ten days of deep listening events on Boon Wurrung Country that aimed to deepen the audience’s relationship with the Maribyrnong river through storytelling, song, poetry and yarning, or talanoa. Held within the Due West Arts […]

Marnie Badham, Kelly Hussey-Smith and Nina Mulhall

Artist-led Public Pedagogies: resistance and ‘caretaking’ in Concentric Curriculum

What if we made the skilled labour of listening, building relationships, and ongoing maintenance more visible in public pedagogy and socially negotiated art?1 What if we understood such work as forms of caretaking while actively resisting the enabling of broken systems? Community engaged arts work has come under scrutiny for its often misguided ‘good intentions’ […]

Marguerite Carson

Language Machine

Paint pours through a system. Run of the mill white emulsion runs through pipes into canvas, fills canvas, pours out, through a series of neatly cut holes, runs down, is caught, fed into pump, fed into pipes, into canvas, through and round. Natasha Kidd’s Flow and Return (2006) is a cyclical loop of white paint […]

Sam Elkin

Yesterday, a man pissed on the arts centre

I didn’t notice that his fly was down at first. I thought maybe he was a bit out of it as he leaned on the front window to support himself. I peered at his face from the other side of the glass. He looked serene, beatific even, with a soft, gentle grin on his face. […]

Hannan Jones and Shamica Ruddock

Speculation is the Vehicle

A speculation on speculation, this nonlinear conversation addresses processes of working. It allows for a thematic meander that we hope you can join us on, one perhaps for all the tangential thinkers … Previously, we have moved through moments in sound guided by Assia Djebar’s words on ‘Aphasia,’ ‘Murmur,’ ‘Voice,’ ‘Clamour’ and ‘Whisper’ in Fantasia: […]

Emily Morel and Amy May Stuart

A History of the Lang Family

Late last year I went up to Bendigo for the launch of Chunxiao Qu’s poetry book at the La Trobe Art Institute. My partner and I decided to stay overnight because we had heard about a huge population of bats that live in a park there and we also wanted to check out a few […]

Joana Partyka

A statement on the DISRUPT BURRUP HUB protest action at AGWA

January 20, 2023Whadjuk Noongar Boodja As an artist, I have a deep and profound respect and reverence for art. The drive to communicate the joys, tragedies and bewilderment of the human experience by creating beautiful things is core to who we are as a species. It must be protected at all costs.It’s what makes life […]

Rebecca Suares-Jury

Many hands made light work

In October 2022, I found myself in India working alongside Gumbaynggirr artist and friend, Aretha Brown. Aretha was commissioned by the Australian High Commission in New Delhi, to create a 122 metre mural, running along the chancery’s perimeter. Hailing from the Gumbaynggirr peoples and language group, the mural’s title, Girrwaawa, translates to ‘come together.’ A […]

Hana Pera Aoake

Ka whawhai tonu mātou (the struggle without end)

In the whenua (land), the art collective Kauae Raro see the potentiality for its use as art material and as cultural and spiritual mediums. Through a broad expanse of experiments more can be uncovered about the state of Te Taiao (the natural world) and how Māori engage with the world around us. Founded in 2019 […]

Megan Tan

我們現在是對著鏡子觀看,模糊不清,到那時就要面對面了: The Unexceptional Otherness of a Second Language

While most people in the world can understand speech in more than one language, the bilingual speaker is considered exceptional in so-called Australia. I am, to my own dismay, a statistically-average-by-Australian-standards monolingual anglophone despite having two multilingual parents. I write this article in the nascency of my Cantonese learning. Although it is my mother’s lineage, […]

Heavy Duty

Illegal Dumping or Public Art: A HEAVY DUTY Critique on ‘Public’ Space

We started HEAVY DUTY in the second half of 2020. The world was in a constant state of clash, but fortunately for us in Boorloo our geographic isolation allowed for a relative sense of ease. People previously living abroad were returning to the safety of the Boorloo dome, bringing with them stories of Covid-19 from […]

Mayma Awaida

Death becomes us

Thinking back to my first visit to However Vast the Darkness atJohn Curtin Gallery in March, I now remember that moment as being unusually bookended by the subject of death. In the months prior to seeing the exhibition, death seemed to be a recurring theme in my life; a sequence that I can only describe […]

Andy Butler

The Weight of Expectation

So far the 2020s have been the decade of the ‘water’ and‘decolonial’ biennial. Everyone’s doing it — bringing togetherIndigenous and non-white artists against the loose themes of‘flows of resistance’ or the like, attempting to make sense in amoment of intersecting and layered crises. Questions aroundinstitutional transformation, curatorial activism, representation,the environment, climate change, equality, and how […]

Ane Tonga

Posession, Separation, Homecoming: Resistance in the Work of Jasmine Togo-Brisby

How can a culture move forward if it does not have access to itspast? For Jasmine Togo-Brisby, a fourth-generation AustralianSouth Sea Islander (ASSI) with ancestral lineage to the Vanuatuislands of Ambae and Santo, artistic constructions of the past create routes and roots to imagine ASSI futurities. Togo-Brisby’s practice recuperates cultural memory to unveil the complex […]


Trans women craft worlds we find home in: a conversation with Mossy 333

Before we had even met, I had a peripheral appreciation forMossy 333’s work. I knew Mossy to be an artist workingresourcefully within her means to produce boundary-pushingwork across tattoo, painting and performance. Her relocationback to Boorloo from Naarm in 2020 was the latent beginningto a friendship grounded in a mutual witnessing of growth and staunch […]

Timmah Ball

Conversations with artists

1. He ate the scone aggressively while his girlfriend viewed theother installations in the gallery. He was unsure how long shewould take to assemble an appropriate amount of material forthe review she was commissioned to write. As he continuedeating, he barely noticed that there was someone watching himin the corner; their white slip dress blended […]

Bahar Sayed and Gemma Weston


It is our intent that the themes for un Magazine 17.1 and 17.2,RESIST/RETURN, ultimately be understood together asinextricable gestures of negotiation with culture and artisticpractice. We see them as directional movements — to pushagainst, to pull or be pulled towards — each with a differentcentre of gravity, often in action simultaneously. In choosing to anchor […]

Bahar Sayed and Gemma Weston


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