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Taree Mackenzie // Pepper’s Ghost


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Taree Mackenzie's practice investigates the perceptual effects of colour, light and space. Taree constructs DIY interactive kinetic sets that use basic visual devices to create live feeds. These live feeds are projected and act like paintings, challenging our habitual modes of looking.

In 'Pepper's Ghost' Taree discusses colour mixing with light, scale in relation to the viewer and her recent Neon Parc show. Taree also talks about her interest in science and art, her functional approach to materials and the pace of her practice.

List of artworks in order of appearance:

  1. Neon Parc, 2018 - footage courtesy of Eva Otsing.
  2. 'White Light Shadows: Circles, Squares, Triangles' 2014, NEW14 ACCA
  3. 'Turntable Work' - this video was made at VCA, then exhibited at Tcb Art Inc. 2009

Produced by Tamsen Hopkinson.
Filmed by Jordan Halsall.
Edited by Tamsen Hopkinson and Jordan Halsall.
Published by un Projects.

Special thanks to Taree Mackenzie, Neon Parc, Geoff Newton, Eva Otsing and ACCA.

STUDIO is an artist interview series, speaking with artists about their process and practice. This series aims to be reflective and responsive to current conversations within contemporary art and more broadly. With a focus on Australian artists STUDIO makes accessible conversations that happen in the studio; creating an archive that links generations, highlights crossovers and examines different disciplines.

STUDIO * is created by Tamsen Hopkinson (Ngati Kahungunu), an artist from Aotearoa based in Narrm, Melbourne. Her practice is based in painting and explores the transitory space created by the co-existence of both Indigenous and European identities. Tamsen's work investigates matriarchal methodologies, Indigenous protocol and the effect of colonisation.

Tamsen completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Painting, Art History and Philosophy from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland and The University of Melbourne in 2009. Tamsen has worked across various art galleries including West Space, is a current board member of artist-run space TCB art Inc. and a member of un Magazine's Editorial Advisory Committee. She currently works as a Teaching Associate at Monash University Art Design & Architecture (MADA).*