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Proposals for un Magazine issue 11.2 are now open!

Laugh now, cry later.

In our current political and social climate, derailing and running things off course may just be what's needed. And humour might be the best way to get things done.  

In un Magazine issue 11.2 everything is free for the taking - and the lampooning. Clowning and cartooning are welcome with open arms, as are exaggerated anecdotes, jeers targeted towards the austere and serious, rowdy wisecracks, and comical gestures aimed at the world.

What ways are artists employing humour in their work? Does using satire really achieve all that it sets out to? Is being able to make someone laugh all that important? Is it okay to use humour in a time of such widespread political and social turmoil? How does humour operate in artistic analyses of somber topics?

For this issue of un Magazine we want to explore the notion of frivolity in artistic practice. Is it okay for the joke to be the end product, or does it need to weigh in with a moral to be considered worthy of our attention? Is being funny a distraction, or can it be the point? We're looking for submissions that engage with everything from satire to slapstick.

un Magazine publishes essays, interviews, artworks, creative commentary, and everything in between. We are open to experimental approaches within printed and online formats. We pay all contributors, with fees ranging from $150 to $300 per piece.

To submit your proposal download and complete this application form: Submit to un Magazine 11.2

Please contact un Projects General Manager Sarah Gory with any queries: sarahgory@unprojects.org.au

DEADLINE 5pm Friday 7th April 2017.

Issue 11.2 is edited by David Capra and sub-edited by Amelia Winata, and will be released in print and online in October 2017.

un Magazine Mentorship Program

un Magazine values its role in providing editorial support and mentorship to new and emerging writers and editors. We offer one-to-one mentorship for a small number of contributors. The Mentorship Program offers the benefit of working with a member of the un Magazine Advisory Committee in the drafting and development of your writing for publication.

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PHOTO by Matthew Stanton of un Projects' un Retrospective exhibition in Melbourne Now at the NGV.