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un Magazine 12.2 CALL FOR PROPOSALS

Inviting submissions for un Magazine 12.2

un Projects is now calling for proposals for un Magazine 12.2, co-edited by Maddee Clark and Neika Lehman with sub-editor Daniel Browning, to be published in November 2018.

Collaboration can be carried out without the conscious knowledge or indeed volition of the other party [...] I am very excited because our collaboration (by mental telepathy) seems to be triggering off many more 'events' - unexpected relationship and correspondences than we could ever have expected."
Imants Tillers, fax to Gordon Bennett, 1993

What makes a collaboration? What relationships does art enable or constrain? What is the importance of artistic community? How does the process of art making relate to the individual?

This issue of un Magazine examines the complexity of collaborative relationships; how the personal, professional, erotic, and economic intersect, how the work affects the relationship (and vice versa).

We are looking for submissions that speak to the power dynamics of collaborative projects; about unspoken hierarchies that persist under the guise of equitable collectivity and dialogue. Collaborations (and relationships more broadly) can take on powerful imaginative and esoteric lives of their own, often more interesting than the artworks produced from them. What is the value in the emotional life of collaborations? How much of their afterlives do we see and how much are we aware of?

We want to talk about decision making processes between artistic co-conspirators; about strategy, collusion, admiration, and desire, as well as conflict, exploitation, jealousy, and sabotage; feedback loops and echo chambers. We want to publish written and visual submissions, email exchanges, letters, poems, archival junk and personal ephemera.


un Magazine publishes essays, interviews, artworks, creative commentary, audio and video works, and everything in between. We are open to experimental approaches within printed and online formats. All contributors are paid, with rates varying from $150 - $400.

To submit your proposal, download and complete this application form.

DEADLINE: midnight Tuesday 29th May 2018

un Magazine hopes to publish a diverse range of voices. We always encourage submissions from writers and artists who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, as queer and/or trans, as having a disability, people of colour, and people of all genders.

Questions: Email un Projects General Manager Sarah Gory.

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un Magazine 12.1 OUT NOW

The latest edition of un Magazine is out now.

Issue 12.1: The Unbearable Hotness of Decolonisation is co-edited by Maddee Clark & Neika Lehman.

un Magazine 12.1 is now up on the website. The print edition of un Magazine is distributed and available for free at galleries and outlets across Australia and internationally.

"Decolonise your knowledge, decolonise your desire, decolonise your body, decolonise your fashion, decolonise your spice rack, decolonise your gut, decolonise your reading list, decolonise your seating arrangement, decolonise your watch, decolonise your pedagogy, decolonise your arts practice, decolonise your IG account, decolonise your meme. It starts with colonised peoples talking about their empowerment and, necessarily, it’s a wide open road with Indigenous and non-Indigenous participation. But with these white artworld people in particular … I am wondering, is it decolonising or re-colonising? ..."
--- from Editorial, un Magazine 12.1

Featuring writing & art by: Rene Kulitja + Linda Rive with John Dallwitz + Susan Lowish, Kate Rendell, Tristen Harwood + Lauren Burrow, Genevieve Grieves, Suzanne Kite, Ainslee Meredith, Tawhanga Nopera, Ellen O'Brien, Rebecca McCauley, Natasha Matila-Smith, Kenzee Patterson, Susie Anderson, Julie Gough, Georgina Watson, Beth Sometimes + Lorrayne Gorey, Fran Edmonds + Lily Graham + Jessica Bennett, Dean Cross, Katie West, Megan Cope, Steven Rhall & Timmah Ball.

Cover image:
Julie Gough
The Lost World (part 2) (video still) 2013
HDMI video, H264, 16:9, 1:15:32 hr:min:sec, colour,
sound. Edited by Jemma Rea

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