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Inviting Proposals for un Magazine 11.1

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We are thrilled to be inviting proposals for the next issue of un Magazine, 11.1, to be published in April 2017 with Editor David Capra.

un Magazine issue 11.1

"I often say that I would not be an artist if it wasn’t for my 'babcha', my Ukrainian grandmother. She had lived most of her early years in labor camps in Poland and Germany. Upon arriving in Australia she granted herself the liberty of being a child again, this time safe in the suburbs of Sydney. I spent my formative years with her and have strong memories of waiting each week for the grocery catalogue to arrive in the letterbox. We would get a pair of scissors to our favorite sale items, like glossy mince meat wrapped in cling wrap or pizza shapes, cut them out and safety pin them to the laced curtains in the lounge room. We would marvel at the tiny specks of colour dancing in a floral sea, whilst the television projected a smartly choreographed light show. I'm not quite sure what it all meant, but I know it felt like Christmas and worth celebrating. My grandma would often tear out my teacher's stickers from my school work books and stick them in a row on the window sills, sometimes I would feel unsure about this - I had worked hard for them - but always concluded they looked better there anyway."
-David Capra

Issue 11.1 of un Magazine will focus on artistic practice, and the artist themselves. We want to shine a light on the aspects of practice that often remain invisible within the final product; the collaborations, the hidden treasures found but unused, the contextual inquiries. Exploring the idea of 'the artist at work', we're looking to blur the distinction between artist pages and articles, between critique and reflection, between arts writing and arts practice, between the artist and the audience.

Some ideas:

  • An interview with a fellow peer that acts as research for an upcoming project.
  • A moment of reflection on a recently competed work.
  • Insight into the process behind a work (your own, or someone else's).

un Magazine publishes reviews, interviews, artworks, essays, creative writing, and commentary. We are also open to experimental approaches within printed and online formats.


Please download the Proposal Form for submission details.

All enquiries (editorial and logistic) can be directed to Sarah Gory: sarahgory@unprojects.org.au.

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un Magazine 10.2 Out Now - In Print & Online

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The print and online editions of un Magazine 10.2 are out now. Edited by Shelley McSpedden, this issue reflects on questions of community, collectivity and social connection in the context of a globalised world.

10.2 was sub-edited by Alana Hunt and designed by Brad Haylock.

FREE print editions can be picked up across Melbourne, Australia and the world at the distribution points listed here. The online verson is viewable on our issues page.

un Magazine 10.2

Nikos Pantazopoulos, Virginia Fraser, Elvis Richardson, Raafat Ishak, Ross Coulter, Tom Civil, Sam Wallman, Phuong Ngo, Laura Castgnini, Rose Gibbs, Tristen Harwood, Tiarney Miekus, Zanny Begg, Pedro de Almeida, Sumugan Sivanesan, Elise Routledge, Luke Letourneau, Anusha Kenny, Michelle James, Lauren Burrow, Georgina Griddle, Matthew Taft, Julian R. Murphy, Georgia Robenstone, Anna Dunnill, Nick Terrell, Nathan Gray, Nick Modrzewski.

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Introducing the Editor of un Magazine Volume 11

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un Projects are pleased to announce that David Capra will be editor of Volume 11 of un Magazine in 2017.

David Capra is a Sydney based artist who has a history of working with communities. In 2015 he co-directed with Kate Blackmore, Motion Pictures: A Festival of New Cinema in Fairfield NSW; in 2014 he curated a comprehensive survey of Western Sydney for an edition of Das Superpaper. In 2013 Capra invited the public to dance alongside Teena his dachshund in a throne room inspired by the The Wizard of Oz (Workout, MCA). In Birthing Things in the Spirit: The Water Birth, he developed a synchronised swimming performance with locals at Eaglevale Pool (Campbelltown Arts Centre, 2014); in Ministry of Handshakes (2013) he greeted the public with a 2 meter prosthetic arm inspired by encounters with Elizabeth, who moves through Sydney trains and shakes commuter's hands. In 2015 Capra was commissioned to create Teena's Bathtime for the Bella Room (National Centre for Creative Learning, MCA), an experiential space designed for people with specific needs. He recently launched a fragrance, Teena's Bathtime: Eau de Wet Dogge. Soon after he collaborated with the 7 Network to produce a new infomercial video work.

un Magazine 11.1 and 11.2 will launch in April and October 2017 respectively.

**Image credit: Zan Wimberley*

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