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Call for proposals un Magazine 17.1: RESIST

Proposals are due by 8pm AEDT Monday 6 February 2023
(Late or incomplete submissions may not be considered.)

un Projects are inviting proposals for Issue 17.1 of un Magazine guest edited by Bahar Sayed and Gemma Weston! Our 2023 un Magazine issues 17.1 and 17.2 will be guided by the themes of RESIST and RETURN, starting with the former. Each of these words suggests a directional attitude — to push against; to pull towards.

In each of our relationships and in the things we produce, the push and pull of RESIST and RETURN are at work simultaneously. To return may be an act of resistance. Resistance may require a return (to…). RESIST and RETURN are not always opposing or dichotomous forces, but are at times in relation, a negotiation that results sometimes in action, sometimes in ambivalence.

Given the intentional positioning and fluid overlapping of the two themes, we see each discrete 2023 un Magazine issue as two parts of the same whole. We want contributors to have the opportunity to dictate the framing of their contribution as it sits in relation to the theme. As both themes can sit as singular isolated notions, or slip into and extend from one another, this year Un Magazine offers space for contributions which sit across both issues.

We are currently calling for submissions for un Magazine 17.1: RESIST. We are interested in contributions that explore the ways that resistance can be enacted and understood through the artistic, cultural, conceptual and political. What are the forces which urge resistance? What are the efforts that counteract or repel? How do these forces and efforts manifest: as action, as creative method, as theory, as protest, as aesthetic, as interpretation.

We are seeking contributions in the form of: artworks, artist pages, reviews, critiques, essays, artist profiles, conversations, interviews, historical research, and other writing that emerges from arts practice.

Some prompts may be:
• Is resistance to arts institutions founded by and operating within white, colonial and patriarchal frameworks of governance and perspective possible from within?
• What are the desired outcomes of resistance as an artistic or cultural practice?
• If wholesale social change remains elusive or slow moving, what are the ‘byproducts’ of resisting that give us the strength to keep going? (We have spoken of: friendship, connection, beauty…)
• Does resistance require rejection? (Eg. can traditions of faith or culture be practised in ways that challenge dogmatic or exclusionary interpretations?)
• Do the ends justify the means? (this is a question about process)

Apply now before 8pm AEDT Monday 6 February 2023

For further information or enquiries please email un Projects General Manager Audrey Jo Pfister: [email protected]

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