un Projects is based on the unceded sovereign land and waters of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation; we pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.
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Alice Castello & Is Randell

Everybody Everywhere All at Once

Stranieri Ovunque – Foreigners Everywhere, Venice Biennale20 April – 24 November 2024 Everybody Everywhere  Whakapapa refers to genealogy, it can encompass our connection to a source; where we stand in relation to everyone and everything. The prefix whaka is used in conjunction with verbs, it means ‘to cause something to happen’. Papa refers to Papatuuaanuku, […]

Kaijern Koo

First things

Sarah Low, A Wild and Fragile Coast  Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy VIC 18.04.24 – 05.05.24 On Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, I run out of adjectives and exhaust all expletives. The intensity of the landscape seems to ask for nothing less than a total obliteration of the self; a sacrifice of one’s body plunging into the turbulent […]

Tara Grace

tender effacement, become undone

Futures Gallery, Collingwood, VIC Alice Ramsden – Murmurations 06.04.24–04.05.24  The blue in Quiescence embodies what the title suggests: a stillness, a latency, a tenuous space between calm and activity. Fading and blending into the surrounding hues, it seems a dampened blue, reminiscent of water damage. A blue conceded, yet, also, a blue birth. A blue […]

Sofia Sid Akhmed

Magnetic Topographies: a conversation with Therese Keogh, Kenzee Patterson and Clare Britton

For Magnetic Topographies, a social practice becomes a place-based practice becomes a compost made up of new friendships and knowledge. A practice that is playfully unassuming yet deeply anti-institutional: meet your friends, go for a walk, see what happens. 

Margarita Kontev

Breathing and Chaos

Cache, Melbourne  Clara Joyce – Breathing and Chaos 6.4.24 – 7.4.24 I’d love you even more if you came with me. I was underway, underweight and emotionally charged entering the building. With bleached streaks and big pillows under your painting desk, I’ve followed you ever since you melted my legs, right in front of me […]

Diego Ramírez

Fire Me, Paul

I felt completely unable to start this piece of writing. Even the slightest murmur could have salvaged my muted despair. But silence entombed me underneath this unceremonious mound of doubt, where I could only hear the hissing noise of total emptiness. Every sentence felt clunky, every thought irrelevant, every metaphor nonsensical. My world was blank […]

Timmah Ball

Archival / Activism

Roberta Joy Rich, The Purple Shall Govern, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, 03 November – 31 December 2023 I enter through the PICA Hub (Activity Space). Painted purple, the room heaves with the collective grief that has amassed in the six weeks since the exhibition’s opening. “Free Gaza” is etched in chalk provided by the […]

Carmen-Sibha Keiso

Inter-Review with the artists in their office-cum-studio-cum-gallery

Dream Gallery, Pakenham  Hana Earles & Anabel Robinson 27.11.23 – 07.12.23 So I’m in Pakenham, in the middle of an empty office-turned-studio, in the middle of a field, perhaps too caffeinated, and staring at some art. Audrey chaperoned the four of us up from the city in her Subaru Forester accompanied by her dog, Ruby. […]

Giles Fielke

Four Decades, Five Hundred Prints

John Nixon, Four Decades, Five Hundred Prints, Geelong Gallery Saturday 18 November 2023 to Monday 11 March 2024. The distillation of an entire artistic practice and career into four decades of prints made between 1982-2020 suggests a lens through which to focus our appreciation on just one aspect of the life of Australia’s most significant […]

Tom Campbell

Alex Hobba – Cockfighter’s Ghost

Galleries: BLINDSIDE (Melbourne) Exhibitions: Alex Hobba, Cockfighter’s Ghost There is something threatening about having a wide range of interests. Information aesthetics seem poised to overwhelm you with junk. Organising quickly becomes a profession and a chore, the logics of advertising and marketing simultaneously grow more obvious and more oblique. Advertising as a discipline is predicated […]

Ren Jiang, Wen-Juenn Lee, Madison Pawle

Language Ecologies 

In the lead up to un Projects’ 20 year anniversary, we hosted Language Ecologies, a day of panel discussions, readings, and performances that explored the multiple ways language and writing emerges from, and shapes, artistic practice. Situated in James Nguyen’s exhibition ‘Open Glossary’ at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Language Ecologies fostered discussions on […]

Justine Youssef

In exchange for a twisted shield

Every hour I am paid more than twice a day’s wage to put a stranger to sleep. I stroke their hair three times then kiss their forehead in reverse. They leave their body so that another might enter as the strip lights change from green to blue. Reception tells me they come here to surrender, […]

Suzanne Claridge

Sugar Flames

Walking along refinery drive down the harbourside I find three balls of steel corroded with rust, sweat and sugar. Monumental minor time dial turn anti-ode as antidote to a century and a half ago. Fiona pulls into the harbour carrying her precious cargo hand cultivated raw cane sugar precarious bodies, their coloured labour. Machines refine […]

Tahmina Maskinyar

What could have been < > what could be

In the nineteenth century, French philosopher Victor Cousins seeded the idea of l’art pour l’art (art for art’s sake)[1], a phrase that has echoed into contemporary neo-liberal discourse to negate the need to consider politics in art encounters. However, for bodies that exist within any intersection of marginalisation and oppression, there is an understanding that […]

daniel ward

You give me a mirror i tell you it’s mostly

the following is an excerpt of a poem responding to BIOGRAPHICALITY (2023) curated by Dominic Eichler at Efremidis, Berlin featuring Tony Just, Tamar Magradze, Anne Jud, Marita Liiten, Alex Müller, Xavier Robles de Medina and Stephanie Stein. This text responds to One Night Locked in S036 (1979) a portrait series and performance where Anne Jud […]

Jack Ball

Magic marker 8, 2023

Jack Ball, Magic marker 8, 2023, inkjet print on rag, aluminium pins, acrylic paint, 80x 110 cm. Image courtesy the artist and sweet pea.

D Duan

Sigil Crystallised in the Glyph of 亞 as We Watch You from the Cusp of Ten Thousand Collapse

Eugene Hawkins and Anjelica Angwin

Femcel: a short film about art and nothingness

INT. EVANGELINE’S BEDROOM. NIGHT. EVANGELINE (mid-20s), dressed from the neck down in her  fursona — a Pink Husky Dog Fursuit in Shibari bondage — paces around her room. She sits at her desk and stares into the glowing ring light affixed to her phone, which stands ready to record. In the background, the documentary All […]

Ruby Djikarra Alderton and Bianca Acimovic

To return is to remember: Ruby Djikarra Alderton and Bianca Acimovic in conversation

Ruby, you are sitting in front of me. I see you. I see you physically. But how do you actually want me to see you? How do you describe yourself to the world today? Within the artistic world, I often found that being my mother’s daughter came with a lot of expectations. It took many […]


Bahar Sayed and Gemma Weston


In our previous editorial for Issue 17.1 we described the decision to explore the theme RESIST before this issue’s theme of RETURN as an instinctual decision. On reflection, this is not true. Our intent in choosing both words as prompts was to understand how they manifest in creative work. We see them everywhere: in material, […]

Robert Cook and Benjamin Forster

This is not my life anymore miss u burning for u xx 

Remember how we were a liberation army of two? How this two was framed by a third who ensured our brattishness didn’t _______ even ourselves? How ____ framed that burning year as a performance that could have so easily been another Burning Man fiasco, and that _____ our overinvested will to immolation. That beauty belongs […]

Wendy Hubert

Tui Raven

Breathing our ancestors through colonial structures

Within the hallowed halls of galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAM), Indigenous voices echo with stories that transcend time and space. As an Indigenous person, working within these spaces is a profound exploration into unravelling the remnants of colonial legacies, rediscovering Indigenous perspectives and championing a way to understand our now shared histories. As an […]