un Projects is based on the unceded sovereign land and waters of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation; we pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.
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Charlotte Kerr

Starting in the Middle

Artists: Liv Moriarty and Emma BerryExhibition: Starting in the MiddleGallery: Woven Projects, Naarm/Melbourne16 – 25 May 2022 Four years ago, artists Emma Berry and Liv Moriarty began emailing poems, lists and observations to each other. In this pre-pandemic era, where for the two artists, communication in the digital sphere was more playful than necessary, an […]

La Swan

Sirens are sung by gentle Sissy/ Engcanto

Justin ShoulderAEON †: TITAN ARUM26 March – 5 September 2021The Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW), Sydney I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land where I’m writing from – the sovereign land of the Bunurong and Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nations. I pay my respects to their elders past and present and stand behind […]

Aisyah Aaqil Sumito

A Passage Between Sequences of Silence

Exhibition: Frances Barrett: Meatus Artists: Frances Barrett with Nina Buchanan, Debris Facility Pty Ltd., Hayley Forward, Brian Fuata, Del Lumanta and Sione Teumohenga. Commissioning Curator: Annika Kristensen Gallery: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) The external acoustic meatus is the passageway that leads from the outside of the head to the eardrum membrane of each […]

Nancy Mauro-Flude

Diaphanous Materiality in ‘the moon’s new fury’

Artists: Anna May Kirk, Naomi Blacklock, Sundari Carmody, Manisha Anjali, Orson Heidrich, Anna Pogossova, Meng-Yu Yan 颜梦钰 Curator: Johanna Bear Gallery: KINGS Artist Run I’m writing on the eve of a waning crescent Moon. As my fingers summon the symbols on the keyboard in a proprioceptive séance of transmission, I’m struck with an overwhelming sense […]

Matt Siddall

Salt + Loving; Halophile

Artists: Grace Ferguson, Emma Phillips, Trevor Santos and Annika Koops Curator: Josephine Mead Coming to Naarm/Melbourne from Western Australia, a trip to the ocean does not feel like an item to tick off a list of things to savour; instead, it became a marginally experienced activity during the warmer months. Victorians have their park picnics, […]

Deirdre Cannon

Artist’s Artists

Artists: Beau Emmett, Jordan Halsall, Reiko Miyazawa, John-Elio Reitman, and Victoria Stolz Curator: Kathryne Genevieve Honey Artist’s Artists was the last show at CAVES to run its course without a live audience to parse the work of its contributors in real time. Like much visual art programming in Naarm/Melbourne over the past eight months, the […]

Thomas McCammon


Artist: Archie Barry Curators: Max Delany, Annika Kristensen and Miriam Kelly I try to participate in Archie Barry’s new art on the internet. I open the browser to Multiply and press play, bow the laptop with its residual slime, symposiums, ‘catch-ups’ and wash my hands. I’ve racked them up, reams of micro-films and they touch, […]

Clare McLeod

The Place One Lives

Artists: Amrita Hepi, Miko Revereza, Talia Smith and Leyla Stevens Curator: Josephine Mead The existence and placement of the punctuation in the title the place one lives., is subtly suggestive of the screening’s handling of its central theme of home. By its nature, the full stop indicates a cessation or state of completion. However, the […]

Angela Glindemann


Artists: Amrita Hepi and Sam Lieblich Curators: Max Delany, Annika Kristensen and Miriam Kelly It’s another day in COVID-19 lockdown, one of those formless days filled with internet tabs. I arrive on the ACCA Open website looking for something to feel. I visit Neighbour. The chatbot greets me, asking if I might consider helping it […]

Jenna Rain Warwick

Koorie Heritage Trust’s ‘Affirmation’ Exhibition: First Nations Photography and Archival Legacy

The Koorie Heritage Trust’s Affirmation exhibition brings together four multi-disciplinary Aboriginal artists – Paola Balla, Deane Gilson, Tashara Roberts and Pierra Sparks – whose photography practices author land kinship and interrogate the illegitimate truths of the federation.[^1] The exhibition initially came about as a contribution to the Photo2020 International Festival of Photography, which has been […]

Huni Mancini

Tracing the rhizomatic threads in Sione Monū’s Returning Traces: Our Ancestors Left Us Clues

Following the contours of my body an archive an assembly of history’s traces left in me. The impression is hazy ill defined. The act of tracing is precarious … Using what little is known the tools at my disposal a cloudy tongue the fuzzy logic of Google’s algorithm Gradually unearthing a picture my ancestor’s movements […]

Alice Watson

Nunzio Madden: Bush Doof

Artist: Nunzio Madden Curator: Olivia Koh Nunzio Madden’s video work, Bush Doof (2019) begins with a voicemail. The call contains the details of an accident – a child has fallen off the back of a tractor driven by their dad. The caller, the dad, is ringing to apologise and tells the artist, the child who […]

Annabel Blue

Tom Polo: exit strategy

In a time of perpetual unknowns, the idea of an exit point — someplace beyond this moment — is guiding our present. In his current exhibition exit strategy held at STATION gallery, Tom Polo explores themes of arrival and departure, and the strategy one might physically, emotionally and psychologically undertake before they are to happen. […]

Azza Zein

Tongue In Crisis

Super(im)position, enduring (non-place) can be watched in full here. Zoomed out consciousness Virtual meetings Uncertainty or indeterminacy? Lockdown as a pause A gap year perhaps Retention of a mirage with a red eye Loss of smell and touch I insist on zooming in and eyeing closer A ‘spiritual catastrophe’?[^1] There is no escape from this […]

Anusha Kenny

Crossroads / Titik Temu

ArtistsEugenia Lim and Yaya Sung CuratorBianca Winataputri A show that managed to open just before the shutdown was ‘Crossroads/Titik Temu’ at Bus Projects. Curated by Bianca Winataputri, the exhibition is intended to commence a curatorial series facilitating exchange between artists from Indonesia and Australia. ‘Crossroads/Titik Temu’ is a two-hander, presenting a selection of works by […]

Sarah Gory

Patrick Pound: The Museum Of There, Not There

I ride across town early on a Friday morning for a private viewing of Patrick Pound’s new exhibition at STATION Gallery in South Yarra. Private viewings are the only kind of physical viewing in the age of COVID-19 and after weeks of quarantine (in the midst of quarantine) it feels indulgent, luxurious even, to be […]

Bill Gillies

Joy Hester: Remember Me

CuratorKendrah Morgan Joy Hester is the most intriguing of the Heide modernists and, until recent times, the least recognised. Whereas Nolan and Tucker rode off to fame hidden behind their masks to explore the Australian bush, Joy Hester remained at Heide. Rather than exploring Australian inland and myths in oils, she explored her feelings and […]

Jenna Rain Warwick

A response to Edwina Green’s I’ll Carry My Own Water

Sea-brown ships glide on heavy warm air, rising to the top floor of SEVENTH Gallery. On second examination the ship-like qualities are replaced by an answer to a more vital need: thirst. The ship plays a cardinal role in the colonial saga and it seems fitting that such heroic propaganda is undermined by Indigenous craft […]

Benjamin Clay

Alpine Bogs And Associated Fens

Alpine Bogs and Associated Fens is Amanda Williams’ first solo exhibition with Sydney gallery The Commercial. Its seven-work hang feels to be the culminating gesture of the artist’s recent commitment to hand-printed mural format gelatin silver photographs. Although these immense and antiquated processes are tremendously laborious, Williams achieves a graceful givenness – or perhaps a […]

Emerson Radisich


Curated by: Cristana Napoleone and Emergence Magazine Featuring: Alisha Anderson, Hattie Malloy, Terrain Projects, Adam Loften and Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee. Nestled amongst the industrial buildings of Fitzroy, Melbourne, lies Trees, a multisensory exhibition focused on the way humans interact with the natural environment. The exhibition provides a welcomed respite from the concreted environs it exists within […]

Sarah Gory

Dark Kitchen

Curated by: Laura CouttieArtist: Shannon Lyons At first, it’s easy to completely miss Shannon Lyons’ Dark Kitchen installation in Heide Museum of Modern Art’s project space. So streamlined is the constructed wall with the gallery, that I almost strolled right on past. The tell-tale sign is the doorways hung with coloured plastic strips, a nod […]

Diego Ramírez

Felt cute might delete never

I suspect the art world thinks I’m ugly — maybe. This is not about a lack of swipes on Tinder or an unreturned call, it’s something else. Well, I’m just going to say it: the thing is, there’s a local photographer that did not approach me at an impressionable age to pose on camera (the […]

Johanna Bear

Potential Space

Curators: Kathleen Linn and Sarah Hibbs Artists: Xanthe Dobbie, Clare Longley, Loc Nguyen, Nabilah Nordin / Nick Modrzewski, EJ Son and Sophie Takách Nestled amongst the corridors and storage units of Kennards Self Storage in Ultimo, Sydney — on Gadigal and Guring-gai land — lies Potential Space. Like a lung that breathes in and expands, […]

Jo Pugh

Soft Trees Break The Fall: Felix Atkinson

a body of assumptions a mind coerced into trusting your prescribed narrative has me flattening concealing trying to be loud though pillowy lips and building blocks reverse my progress it is these marks from which resurrection trembles Over the course of their emerging career, Felix Atkinson’s artistic practice has worked towards resisting dominant frameworks of […]

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