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Georgina Watson

Larks in the dawn

Georgina Watson currently lives in Tāmaki Makaurau and has recently completed an MFA at Elam School of Fine Arts. Recent projects include ‘Haughty Skies’ in Distracted Reader #3, Auckland, forthcoming (2018), Anxious Garden, Enjoy Gallery, Wellington (2017), Pack Lite Organised by Stella Corkery, NY, LA, Auckland (2017) ‘Collective Fruits’ in Wormhole, Melbourne (2016), amongst others. […]

Sean Rafferty

Five Queensland Fruit Cartons

Alex Cuffe

Uncanny Self

Marian Abboud and Vicki Van Hout

Kill me now! Kill me now! Kill me now! Conversations: Hong Kong to Sydney

Vicki Van Hout : Kill me now! Kill me now! Kill me now! I’m going to get done for saying… I’m going to get done for saying… I’m going to get done for saying… Kill me now! Marian Abboud : Stop saying that, say something catchy and intellectual, you’re going to get in trouble for saying […]

Marian Abboud & Vicki Van Hout

I don’t have anything 2017

Marian Abboud is a Western Sydney-based artist working across disciplines, often collaborating with communities to create narrative driven works that challenges perceptions of identity and complex historical and cultural frameworks. Vicki Van Hout is a Wiradjuri woman born on the south coast of NSW and is an independent choreographer, performance-maker and teacher. I don’t have […]

Michael Dagostino

The Director’s Dance 2017

Michael Dagostino is the Director of Campbelltown Arts Centre and the inaugural Director of Parramatta Artists Studios. In these series of gifs Michael captures his weekly routines, obsessions and ‘the order to the way we walk, talk and cut through space’. Still images related to this piece feature in the print edition of un Magazine […]

Melissa Deerson

Notes from underwater I 2017

Melissa Deerson works across various artforms, often exploring the interaction between society and the natural world. Notes from underwater draws from the research, notes and doodles that she made during an extended trip through Italy and Europe that resulted in the artwork Five minutes with a moray eel (2016). The companion piece to this work […]

Melissa Deerson

Notes from underwater II 2017

I recently went travelling to see a 13th century mosaic of Jonah being eaten by a whale (that bible story) in a church in Italy. I was away for nearly two months, visiting museums, galleries, churches, looking at medieval manuscripts, reading Moby Dick… mostly underwater themed, I guess. I was on a sea voyage. The […]


Mo-bile (Carriageworks, 2007); In between breaths (Performance Space, 2006)

Wart is a Sydney-based performance artist, painter, illustrator and cartoonist who has been exhibiting and performing in Australia since the early 1980s. Here is documentation from two works from Wart’s archive: Mo-bile (Carriageworks, 2007) and In between breaths (Performance Space, 2006) This is a companion piece to Daniel Mudie Cunningham’s article ‘Mental Olympics: in between […]

Amelia Wallin

Looking at you looking at you: performance and its documents in the internet age 2017

In Looking at you looking at you: performance and its documents in the internet age Amelia Wallin delves into Kate Blackmore’s The Glass Bedroom, a documentary mini-series that profiles six Australian millennial artists who use Instagram as a platform for performance. Their works are highly constructed images of themselves and their lives — a mash-up […]

Matthew P. Hopkins

Lullaby for Marbles 2017

Matthew P. Hopkins is a Sydney based artist working with sound, painting, drawing, objects, video, and text based work. An ongoing interest for Hopkins is how sound, particularly processed voice, might be seen as grotesque and liminal in nature, and in turn how this sound can function as an axis point which connects the optical […]

Phuong Ngo

My Dad the People Smuggler

Phuong Ngo is Melbourne based artists whose practice explores the individual and collected identity of the Vietnamese Diaspora through the exploration of history, politics and culture. My Dad the People Smuggler is a video that speaks to the photographic images he has included in the print edition of un Magazine 10.2. The video examines his […]

Nikos Pantazopoulos

The goblet the jug and the rock were sitting on a ledge with a sign that said free, I took them to reflect on and use as material. I placed them next to a gold leaf maquette of the showers of Kens Karate Klub, yellow felt, and a foot form with a brown sock waiting to cradle the ultimate shoe. It wasn’t the twink who is a chubby chaser but the tall boy with the Errol Flynn moustache, who left these objects, he is nice, he took the time. F11, 1/90, Flash, B for brush… CMYK SWOP coated for editorial 2016

Virginia Fraser and Elvis Richardson


Raafat Ishak

Graduate Research and Withdrawal 2015

Ross Coulter

Audience 22/1/15 2013–2016; Audience 2/2/15 2013–2016; Audience 1/6/15 2013–2016; Audience 13/7/15 2013–2016; Audience 4/11/15 2013–2016; Audience 27/11/15 2013–2016

Tom Civil

Civil Wall c. 2011

Sam Wallman


Phuong Ngo

A brief history of Hue 2016

A companion video work by Phuong Ngo, My father the people smuggler 2016, can be viewed online as part of un Extended 10.2.

Nikos Pantazopoulos

Trying to explain Hal Foster’s critique on the failure of minimalism to my brother with fishing line a blue Dior tie, a tree trunk, maroon felt, a yellow block of wood, and a Banksia Coccina whilst two boys are kissing on the news. F11, 1/90, Flash, B for brush… CMYK SWOP coated for editorial 2016

Tiarney Miekus

Responding to Mayday

Tiarney Miekus is a writer, broadcaster and musician who holds First Class Honours in English Literature from the University of Melbourne. Responding to Mayday is an audio piece which sonically expands on Tiarney’s discussion of the event Polyphonic Social, held at Abbotsford Convent earlier this, which appears in the print edition of un Magazine 10.2.

Zanny Begg


Undrawing the Line, The Swamp, 2016 Animation, 27mins Editing and animation by Zanny Begg Hazeen animation by Safdar Ahmed and Can Yalcinkaya Audio mix by Jon Hunter Music by Stef Conner and the Lyre Ensemble, Hazeen and Kate Carr Drawing contributions from Undrawing the Line and Bossley Park High Students Bashir Ahmed, Parastoo Bahrami, Neda […]

Manon van Kouswijk

Transit 2016

Saskia Doherty

The deep clap of bronze against bronze reverberates over a stretch of space

The deep clap of bronze against bronze reverberates over a stretch of space. Areas can be observed to stir, inhabitants rustled by the tongue’s shudder cast through the air. Even if this movement is not perceived aurally, it registers as an attunement of bodies. The narrator makes a low, thick noise — indecipherable. Morning time. […]

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