un Projects is based on the unceded sovereign land and waters of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation; we pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.
un Projects

Bianca Acimovic

the story being the learning

I am a descendant of south-eastern Europe, a prisoner of war refugee and a post-war migrant: a second-generation Australian. I am conscious that while I am Australian, I live on the landsof Aboriginal Australians. Over two decades, I have sustaineda curatorial practice that honours this awareness. Travelling Australia from the lands of the Gimuy-walubarra yidi […]

Lévi McLean and Chandler Abrahams


THE ARGUMENT The One Eyed Man has cultivated an obsessional quality in us.It has become the keystone for paradigms of creative practice that are otherwise outside the normalised strictures of two allegedly art-historically trained artists. Through its polyphony of rhythms and basslines and harmonies and dissonances and instruments and players it ruptures and intervenes and […]

Melissa Ratliff

Parable of don’t leave: the world may be study and snow, cruising utopia and the only _____ queer in the world

Butler, Octavia E. Parable of the Sower. New York:Four Walls Eight Windows, 1993. I’m late to the work of Octavia Butler, having put the other Butler (Judith) ahead on my reading list. While I haven’t made it much beyond introductions and crib notes with Judith (whose teachings on gender have anyway passed into a realm […]

Tom Melick

A Reminder

The-one-who-loves-knowledge, he says: ‘What is writing? What are its places of storage? Compare it to its like, O overflowing one!— Book of Thoth From my window, between this building and the next, I’m counting ibis. In the morning over coffee … 1, 2 … at lunch … 4, 5, 6 … at dusk …7, 8, […]

Charlie Sofo


sanitation was a response to the putridness of British life classed, crammed, sickthe toilet is where youshitthere are chickpeas simmering gentlyon the stoveidentical almost to mybody simmering in the hot baththoughts slowing downor in the shower, speeding upSpecial Agent Dale Cooperperceived the demonic presenceof Bob by smashinghis head through the bathroom mirrorI was in the […]

Gabriel Curtin and Ender Baskan

Flowers Baklava Gold

Aesthetic perception is necessarily historical. — Leela GandhiWe’ve got to play ordinary venues at the moment but I dream of playing the rubble of London’s palaces.— Anwen Crawford We met as workers in a Middle Eastern restaurant. We worked less for them and more with them. You on dishes after the day’s art and me […]

Vincent Silk

The Tale of the Thumb

San Francisco’s Burning is not only a ballad opera for the stage, it is also a piece of historical fiction. Set in San Francisco in the days prior to the earthquake of 1906, it chronicles the interactions of a cast of characters whose lives intersect through murder, sex and urban planning reform. The musical, written […]

Julia Bavyka

On the Floor

Footsteps on the dance floor remind me baby of you … To all of my on-the-floor partners, friends and colleagues. Every floor is a dance floor — Harrison I moved to Sydney in 2015. I was constantly hungry because I was nervous and unhappy. There is some food you can buy and eat for under […]

Jon Tjhia

_____________ complete ____ replacement

Fixations I might be addicted to problem solving. At least, it often preoccupies me. For example: if I take food that’s gone off and put it in the freezer, will that preserve more available nutrients for decomposition in the council’s green waste facility? Will the energy cost render this a futile gesture? And: how true […]

Kyle Weise

Fast Food

Rationalisation Writing in 1983, George Ritzer argues that McDonald’s exemplified the accelerated rationalisation of the broader society. As constantly reiterated in The Founder,[^1] a biopic focused on Ray Krok’s franchised expansion of the fast-food restaurant, McDonald’s became a ‘symphony of efficiency’. Over the years, Ritzer’s definition of ‘McDonaldization’ as a process that emphasises efficiency, predictability, […]

Rowan McNaught


AREF SEA 793 ‘The principle reason for the three-way handshake is to prevent old duplicate connection initiations from causing confusion’ This poem is concerned by a means to address you.It is only about connecting. It is trying not to be Defensive. It’s no longer 1981 and we are not on Wilson Boulevardand we no longer […]

Elena Gomez

a process,
a pressed cake

Elena Gomez is a poet, editor and researcher living in Melbourne. She is the author of Admit the Joyous Passion of Revolt (2020), Body of Work (2018) and several chapbooks and pamphlets. [^1]: Indrajit Ray, ‘Indigo in Bengal’ in Encyclopaedia of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine in Non-Western Cultures, ed. H Selin (Dordrecht: […]

Sarah Gory

Milk Debt, Breastfeeding and the Metabolic Rift

Mutual debt, debt unpayable, debt unbounded, debt unconsolidated, debt to each other in a study group, to others in a nurses’ room, to others in a barber shop, to others in a squat, a dump, a woods, a bed, an embrace.— Fred Moten and Stefano Harney Today, a brief lull between lockdowns, is for writing.  […]

Angus McGrath

Bodies Alone Together

It feels too easy to write the abject — I puke all over myself and my organs fall out and I shit my pants and everything that was inside is out now. That’s writing the abject though, not writing about it. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything in the above example, it simply operates and exists. […]

Callum McGrath

On Venus and Against Futurity

on venus, the winds blow harderthey strip every surface,  the air hostile // on venuswe are neighbours in nerves/ with chemical / with acid.[^1] In a moment defined by climate crisis and worsening inequalities under capitalism, the fantasy of utopia resembles nothing more than a nostalgic vision of the past. In this context, P. Staff’s exhibition On Venus (2019)presents […]

Madeleine Collie

Towards a Metabolic Attention or More Than a Metaphor

Teik-Kim Pok: I saw this one-liner on the internet — ‘My friend told me she wouldn’t eat beef tongue because it came from a cow’s mouth. So I gave her an egg.’ As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded it was hard to keep up with all the stories of food, both good and bad, that shaped […]

Kelly Fliedner

The Rise, Fall and Resurfacing of Atlantis

Atlantis Marine Park is an abandoned theme park and the centrepiece of the Yanchep Sun City development. It was built by notorious criminal entrepreneur Alan Bond in the small fishing community of Two Rocks in 1981, sixty-something kilometres north of Boorloo/Perth. Atlantis seems a curious name for a theme park in settler-colonial Australia — for […]

Douglas Kahn

Did Someone Just Gaslight?

The Socialist Scholars Conference was a gathering of intellectuals, academics, community organisers, religious leaders and a who’s-who of grassroots and celebrity progressives. It happened to be taking place in New York and I was visiting nearby, so I was able to duck in to listen to a long weekend of speakers and panels. I made […]

Brian Obiri-Asare

Welcome to Wonderland

The coalition emerges out of your recognition that it’s fucked up for you, in the same way that we’ve already recognised that it’s fucked up for us. —Fred Moten Under a Burning White Sky As my experience of social life has become less and less about seeking or gaining approval from outside forces, a burden […]

Abbra Kotlarczyk and Debris Facility Pty Ltd

Micröbius Tract(ion)

Micröbius Tract(ion) is designed to be folded into a möbius loop. Holding the print lengthwise, make a loop, then twist it once, so there is one continuous surface. Join the narrow edges together with tape, stickers, glue, clips or pins. This work is the second iteration of its kind produced for Micro-(bial) Tenancies, curated by […]

Rachel Schenberg

Missing box, loose shoe.

I remember showing someone my box of poems and they said don’t you have a copy. And I gleamed no. I liked the perversity of the original. I would never lose this. — Eileen Myles, For Now In reality, however, the poet has given concrete form to a very general psychological theme, namely, that there […]

Ursula Cornelia de Leeuw

A Rabelaisian City by Ursula Cornelia de Leeuw

The library and the department store: the house of knowledge and the house of consumption. Upon closer inspection, they are modern temples where the communal ritual of excess expenditure takes place. Such sites have existed, with many different faces and many different names, for as long as the sacred has been practised. In other words, […]

Kenzee Patterson

Exhausted Painting: Phthalo Green, Indian Yellow, Brilliant Red, Ultramarine

Kenzee Patterson is a settler-colonial descendant whose art practice combines material experimentation with historical research, autobiography and language, motivated by the imperative to confront the ecological and socio-cultural repercussions of resource extraction and material displacement.

Amy Jane Parker

plastic, petroleum, faecal matter of antarctic krill, carbon, symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast, inkjet print, moth, water, glazed earthenware

Amy Jane Parker is an artist, artist facilitator and disability support worker based in Naarm/Melbourne.