un Projects is based on the unceded sovereign land and waters of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation; we pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.
un Projects

Holly Chlids

Lost Mines

Brighid Fitzgerald & Tash Madden


Fibres from one woollen blanket found on tram stop outside Melbourne Central Station. “Warrnambool 1965” written on tag. Packaging from one battery operated lint shaver from Daiso. Rice paper from Daiso (for bonding paper fibres together). Butcher’s paper from Dean’s Art, rolled into an A4 piece of scrap paper that lists woodwind instruments (also included). […]

Lauren Burrow

When I Was Ten I Named My Puppy Girl God Aphrodite The Dog Of Love

Rosie Isaac

Script for a silent choral reading: A disagreement between Truth and Security

Evangeline Graham

Sentience Applied, or How to butcher cattle

Oliva Koh

Dear J

Dear J,[^1] As you have made note, decomposition occurs quickly in the tropics. Notably, it is a common desire amongst those concerned that your body not touch the ground throughout these procedures (Skeat, Evans). With this in mind we press on. After your initial demise the first expressions of grief are emitted (Snouk Hujronje). They […]

Dawn Marble

Light & Truth; All for u

Hannah Black

Scripted Reality

Adelle Mills


Falling as a craning neck the sky quotes eucalyptus. I wait at an exit point between demarcated parks. Heated numbers ascend twelve steps from trains of oiled bars. Like the times that I had visited before I anticipate warmth. Like those times that I had visited before I am affected by the certainty of the […]

Rebecca Joseph


Aurelia Guo


Alex Vivian

To propose a petroleum jelly advertisement or campaign

(top) To propose a petroleum jelly advertisement or campaign(movement, camouflage, etc.) (bottom) To propose a petroleum jelly advertisement or campaign(colour, clothing, etc.)

Rose Nolan

easy / A Piece / Of Cake

Margaret Goninon

Excel Painting

Matt Hinkley

chinatown Letterheads

Merryn Lloyd

Book 16, page 49 (yellow)

Tom Melick

A Brief History of the Gift Shop

Dan Bell

Fluvial processes of geomorphology

Dylan Statham

Linescreen i–v

Tim Woodward

Other public structures

Merryn Lloyd

Book 16, page 17 (blue)

Matthew Benjamin

Croissant, Single, Sottsass

Joshua Petherick

Preparations Pending

Janet Burchill & Jennifer McCamley

Disassociation Piece

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