un Projects is based on the unceded sovereign land and waters of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation; we pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.
un Projects

Autumn Royal and Lorilee Yang

More decorative than a swash — Towards a flourish

Autumn Royal is a poet, researcher and educator based in Narrm/Melbourne. Autumn is an associate editor for Liquid Architecture’s Disclaimer journal and interviews editor for Cordite Poetry Review. Lorilee Yang is an artist who lives and works in Naarm (Melbourne).

Zoë Marni Robertson

Anticolonial Fireman Stripper Communes with (Wronged) Asterion in the Last Days of Fountains, 2019, acrylic (mis-tints) on poly-cotton (discarded quilt cover), 1400 × 2100 mm Manspread, 2020, acrylic (mis-tints) on (discarded) board, 300 × 400 mm Pasiphaë Poster, 2020, acrylic (mis-tints) on (discarded) Masonite, 1220 × 2440 mm Sexualised Workers Mural (‘Real’ vs. Actual Work: […]

Sumugan Sivanesan

Flight Simulator (Schematic)

Sumugan Sivanesan is an anti-disciplinary artist and writer. Often working collaboratively, his interests span minority politics, artist infrastructures and more-than human rights. Sumugan organises with Black Earth, a collective who address interacting issues of race, gender, colonialism and climate justice in Berlin.

Dell Stewart and Hana Cruickshank

Terracotta Wood Tower (2020) – These ceramic objects were made by my daughter Hana and I at our dining table. I learned to use clay while staying with my grandma on school holidays. I remember the brick kiln she built in her backyard and the drama of a smoky raku firing. A very serious Grandma […]

Debris Facility Pty Ltd

Administrative Parasitism

The Debris Facility Pty Ltd is aqueer corporate entity enacting parasitism through im material projects ofadministration, installation, performance, video, wearables, text and dis/embodiment among other activities. Utilising non-binary approaches, they disrupt linear systems of exchange, scales of agency and visual and speculative economies.

Dale Harding

His legacy to the colony; their ongoing privilege

Artist statement, 2019 In October 1857, Aborigines attacked a sleeping homestead on the Dawson River, Queensland, and killed all the inhabitants except a young boy who was knocked unconscious and left for dead. After the raiders had gone, he escaped and raised the alarm. The subsequent white retribution, headed by William Fraser, the eldest son […]

Union Gaucha Productions with Jeff Preiss

Contact Sheet from Twins (2001)

Twins is a chronological arrangement of film shot in New York City between 8 September and 12 October 2001. Union Gaucha Productions (Karin Schneider and Nicolás Guagnini) were working on a film concerning bridges connecting buildings. On 8 September they shot the mirrored bridge connecting the North Tower and World Trade Centre 7. As the […]

Zacry Spears

Decision 2000: What I Didn’t Find in Africa

Zacry Spears is an American artist, born in Pasadena, Texas in 1994. He lives and works in New York, New York.

Tim Marvin

How to make an anti-terror bollard

Destiny Deacon


Destiny Deacon Waiting for the bust (2007) Lightjet print from Polaroid original, 80 x 100 cm Courtesy of the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney Destiny Deacon The goodie hoodie family (2007) Lightjet print from Polaroid original, 80 x 100 cm Courtesy of the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney Destiny Deacon Whacked & coming […]

Destiny Deacon and Virginia Fraser

Colour blinded, 2007, installation view (including Shane Pickett and Destiny Deacon), Culture Warriors at the National Gallery of Australia. Courtesy of the artists and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery; Walkover, 2004, wool carpet, 161 x 240 cms. Courtesy the artists and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery; Installation, 2011, carpet, mixed media figures, chairs and video (Destiny Deacon and Michael […]

Olivia Tian Chai Koh and Rosie Isaac

of old trees: stills from an unmade film, 2018.

Single Brown Female

Talking over e-mail / making work alone but together

Talking over e-mail / making work alone but together, 2018.

Dennis Golding

Overlooking Botany Bay

Overlooking Botany Bay, 2018.

Francis & Spaghetti

Diagram of Apocalyptic Thinking, 2017, typewriter on paper; Mother Superior, 2018, bag (2018) and neckpiece (2017) by Francis as gifts to Spaghetti. Photo: Alex Moulis; (When We Were) Working, 2017; Still Life with De-Positivism as Framework, 2018, jewellery (2017/18) by Francis for Spaghetti. Photo: Alex Moulis; Cultural Capital (2/2), 2017, typewriter on paper, photocopier; Cultural […]

Megan Cope

Toponymic Interventions #1 (Gold Coast, place: Boykambil) 2013, still from Video Projection. Image courtesy of the Artist. Photo: Adric Watson

Steven Rhall

Timmah Ball

Dean Cross

OLD PEOPLE 2018; NEW PEOPLE 2018; DUE WEST 2018; RUN DEEP 2018; all digital images

Katie West

Decolonist Flags

Through natural dyeing techniques, text- based scores, social practice and installation my work considers the practising of custodial ethics within still colonised and ecologically compromised contexts. The Decolonist Flags came about through imagining an Australian national identity underpinned by First Nations knowledges. Comprised of dyed thread, gum leaves and blossoms Decolonist Flag I is created […]

Tim Woodward


Susan Te Kahurangi King

Kate Mitchell

Throwing The Artist Out 2016 digital print Selection from a series of 50 Courtesy the artist & Anna Schwartz Gallery and Chalk Horse

Archie Moore

Archie’s Puzzling Pages, 2017 digital images Courtesy the artist & The Commercial Gallery