un Projects is based on the unceded sovereign land and waters of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation; we pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.
un Projects

Matt Hinkley

chinatown Letterheads

Merryn Lloyd

Book 16, page 49 (yellow)

Tom Melick

A Brief History of the Gift Shop

Dan Bell

Fluvial processes of geomorphology

Dylan Statham

Linescreen i–v

Tim Woodward

Other public structures

Merryn Lloyd

Book 16, page 17 (blue)

Matthew Benjamin

Croissant, Single, Sottsass

Joshua Petherick

Preparations Pending

Janet Burchill & Jennifer McCamley

Disassociation Piece

Thomas Jeppe

artist Pages

Madeline Kidd

Model Home

Veronica Kent

Casa Batlló Double Bench/Telepathy Chair

Max Creasy & John Wardle

Reference Material (Jewellery Box, Jewellery Box 2, Jewellery Box 3)

Nic Tammens

Mended Gordon Matta-Clark

Kirsty Hulm

Hotel Drawings

Lachlan Petras

Displacement Drawings 1–4

Nat Thomas

I think I’ll join the Police

The Victorian Police Force is actively recruiting. They have stuck new bumper stickers on divvy vans to reach the very best recruits imaginable. If you can pass the written exam and the physical exam, they train you and you fight crime ASAP. You also receive a Special Occasions Uniform with shiny brass buttons and a […]

Hany Armanious: A Retrospective of Double Takes

Matthew Crookes

Fiction Written Backwards

History-History The fictional device of creating self-contained worlds in which plots and characters can unfold is not so far removed from the artistic strategy of creating hermetic situations wherein new rationales are allowed to evolve, not necessarily plausible in the ‘outside world’ but reasonable enough in their own terms. In German, geschichten means both history […]

Joyce Campbell

Te Taniwha

Robert Cook

What I want from poetry

Note:I felt queasy. About my free associating memories, ideas, and fantasies and their word form. I’m like gonna make like a poet, now? Without irony, even? Without even, irony? Without, even, irony? Seemed so. So I asked the poet Ken Bolton for comment. In his words: ‘I got involved’. In his other words: ‘I just […]

Andrew Mcqualter

the Double Coincidence

the Double Coincidence Studies for an understanding of the economic system I circulated an invitation asking for people with knowledge of economics to participate in a drawing project. My aim was to have a conversation with these people about their knowledge of the economic system and to document that conversation with a drawing. Five people […]


Big Pencil Drawing

DAMP, Big Pencil Drawing 2010, acrylic on timber, resin, vinyl and graphite on paper. Courtesy the artists. Photography: Matt Stanton

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