un Projects is based on the unceded sovereign land and waters of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation; we pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.
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Ceri Hann

Artefacts and the Art of Fiction

The white glove hovered momentarily over the ‘buy now’ button. One click away from souveniring a memento that might help it all click into place. The item in question: a pre-2001 Twin Tower snow dome, complete with an inauthentic looking Certificate of Authenticity. Once purchased it would make its way to my cache of accumulated […]

Will Kollmorgen

What about all the very private moments like smiling at someone in Tower One, the red gum or the white plastic bag that one evening took my breath away?

The disassembly of a skyscraper is a rare and expensive event. Counter-construction, or reverse building, methods precede often baroque permit requests and legal go aheads. In a sense, a building must be ‘re-cocooned’ in the very materials from which it sprung forth. Scaffolding is wrapped along the perimeter and façade of a structure destined for […]

Bridget Chappell

To (Phase) Cancel the Cops: An Acoustic Science of Insurrection

In 2017, the City of Melbourne installed 190 public address speakers at ninety-five locations around the CBD. The speaker system quickly became known in the media as the city’s ‘terror sirens’. They were installed to counter the spectre of a mass incident, or a ‘class 3 emergency’—a siege, riot, shooting or vehicle attack. When signalling […]

Zacry Spears

Decision 2000: What I Didn’t Find in Africa

Zacry Spears is an American artist, born in Pasadena, Texas in 1994. He lives and works in New York, New York.

Anabelle Lacroix

Normative Realities of Voiding Effects

Bah, I make circumstances!— Napoleon Our progress poisons the sources of our experience. And the poison tastes so sweet that it spoils our appetite for plain fact.— Daniel J. Boorstin, The Image: A Guide to Pseudo Events in America, 1962 The first American newspaper was published once a month in 1690, because there were only […]

Ainslie Templeton

Equated Dissonance

A few years ago I was interviewed with other trans artists by a cis white woman who makes self-reflexively queer art. When we were handed back the transcript, we saw that the word ‘trans’ — which we used with some flippancy in talking about our experiences of our bodies — had been appended with an […]

Dennis Golding

Overlooking Botany Bay

Overlooking Botany Bay, 2018.

Destiny Deacon and Virginia Fraser

Colour blinded, 2007, installation view (including Shane Pickett and Destiny Deacon), Culture Warriors at the National Gallery of Australia. Courtesy of the artists and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery; Walkover, 2004, wool carpet, 161 x 240 cms. Courtesy the artists and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery; Installation, 2011, carpet, mixed media figures, chairs and video (Destiny Deacon and Michael […]

Anna Dunnill and Danni McGrath

Weight of History: A Response to Unveilings by Make or Break

In May 2018, New South Wales-based duo Make or Break (Rebecca Gallo and Connie Anthes) presented their site-specific performance work Unveilings at Kyneton Contemporary Art Triennial. This conversation began then, and continued over email. Hey Anna, : When I think of public monuments I picture a white male figure cast in bronze atop a granite […]

Logan MacDonald

Without Me, You’re Nothing

Spring several years ago, fellow Canadian artist Lisa Visser and I embarked on a two-week road trip, driving 5,300 kms from Toronto across the United States to Los Angeles, during which time a collaborative project emerged. The purpose of this road trip was to move Lisa to California, so that she could carry out graduate […]

Francis & Spaghetti

Diagram of Apocalyptic Thinking, 2017, typewriter on paper; Mother Superior, 2018, bag (2018) and neckpiece (2017) by Francis as gifts to Spaghetti. Photo: Alex Moulis; (When We Were) Working, 2017; Still Life with De-Positivism as Framework, 2018, jewellery (2017/18) by Francis for Spaghetti. Photo: Alex Moulis; Cultural Capital (2/2), 2017, typewriter on paper, photocopier; Cultural […]

Yasbelle Kerkow

Art + Healing, Curating our Families

Curating a Pasifik space is unlike other art spaces. My mother taught me that if you pick a plant, treat it, dry it out and weave it into a mat it is still a living, breathing thing and it needs to be cared for. Mats need to be used, to be swept, sunned out if […]

Em Size

A libido for no one in particular (a mixtape made just for you)

Let’s get it on : My ‘straight’ (what even is ‘straight’? Who even is ‘straight’?) housemate made a bewildering comment on the way courting seems to work in my (queer art) world. ‘It’s very European. Very intellectual.’ I suppose you could see it as pretentious, or romantic, or pretentiously romantic, or romantically pretentious — exchanging […]

Ella Benore Rowe

Back Home

My Mum Elvie would draw lines. Lines that represented the coastline, curved lines for the palm trees with smaller lines for the bushy branches and leaves. A big sun in the sky and waves in the sea. Mum would draw a turtle and ask me, ‘Ella, what is this?’ My earliest memory of creating art […]

J. Rosenbaum

The Future of Art: Collaborating with Computers

A new brain, a new way of thinking, a silicone mind fresh for moulding. Neural networks only know what they have been taught, a blank slate, a clean canvas. But they are so much more than just a surface or a new medium to explore; Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of art and offers […]

Therese Keogh and Jacqui Shelton

A Rhythmic Pattern of Touching Hands, a Linking of Bodies and Actions.

My left hand hangs down, weighted by a gold wedding band. My palm cups a circular space. Intruding into this space, a child’s fingers poke at my fingertips. My right hand grasps firmly at a fat baby’s waist. The baby reaches towards a man, but I lean away from him, offering my feet on a […]

Blaklash Projects, people+artist+place

Public Art and the Politics of Surveillance

Marisa’s round table Annerley, Brisbane Amanda Hayman : This is the first time we’ve all been in the same room together, so I thought it would be good to start off with a little intro to the overarching project, Co-MMotion. Jenna Green : We established people+artist+place in 2017 because we wanted to see more live […]

Sarah L. Thomson

Batting for the same team: Collaboration, negotiation and support in the works of Parallel Park

Parallel Park was borne out of a desire to explore the shared experience of being in a serious queer relationship for the first time. It is the collaborative practice of Holly Bates and Tayla Jay Haggarty, two Brisbane-based artists who met while studying visual art at the Queensland University of Technology. Since 2015 the duo […]

Bhenji Ra

On Collaboration

I’ve been thinking a lot about how survival is often linked to collectivity, specifically for people of colour, specifically for myself as a trans person of colour who owes so much of my survival to the collectives I’ve belonged to and the communities that have held me. I often think about what it means to […]

Olivia Tian Chai Koh and Rosie Isaac

of old trees: stills from an unmade film, 2018.

Kate ten Buuren

making heaps of friends and making heaps of enemies

to know yourself andto know each other is the revolution The very existence of our collective this mob is simultaneously intriguing and threatening to outsiders. Collectivising when bla(c)k* is instantly politicised by others; we can be blak** but not too blak, and we still need to exist within the systems that silence and oppress us. […]

Amber Wright

Investments in Silence: Collaboration, Collusion and Complicity

1: I speak from a position of solidarity with victim/survivors (I think about the temporality implied in this language and think ‘endurer’ may be more apt) past, present, and future. Those who have shared their stories, those who have not come forward and those who never will. 2: This letter was in response to news […]

Sally Olds and Rosie Funder

Seeking Arrangement

This transcript began as a conversation between Alex Griffin, Rosie Funder, and Sally Olds, and was edited into its final form by Rosie Funder and Sally Olds. Sally Olds : To me the thing that became painfully apparent was that I didn’t believe in poly as a political form. And all my energy and, uh, […]

Michael Spooner and Darius Le

On Affection

The Victorian Pride Centre was a hard-won project that would secure a future built legacy for the state’s LGBTIQA+ community. It proposed a single building for health service providers, youth advocates, and festival and entertainment networks, underpinned by a performance venue and exhibition space, and an archive. Located on Fitzroy Street in the seaside suburb […]

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