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Call And Response: Invite to Grant Stevens / Four Days with Amanda Rowell


from: brian fuata
[email protected] date: tue, feb 15, 2011 at 2:48 pm

subject: re: to: grant stevens

Thanks grant, i had a very pleasant time in brisbane. I had a thought that i might ask something of you … and i apologise for any mist of flagrant opportunism. I make this enquiry with earnest sincerity.

I have initiated a writing project ‘call and response’ (working title) where i invite a writer to email me a piece of text on a word document. Any piece of text, from anywhere. I then have a day to respond in text and send, and so on and so forth for a calendar month. Once the month is over, just as in real life, i move on to another writer. I’m collecting 24 writers over 24 months – for no articulated reason – just a hunch really. However, throughout the duration so far the following things have become apparent. Writing as a task. Writing as a generative exercise. Writing as a performance. Writing as endurance. Writing as a fumble in the dark with a complete stranger. Writing as cultural shock exchange. Writing without judgement. Writing with absolute judgement. Writing as apathy. Writing as earnestness. Badgood. Writing as anything. Writing as fiction. Writing as fact. Writing as instrument. Writing as instruction. Writing as tradition. Writing as form. Writing as froth. Writing as commitment. Writing as a late response. Writing as no response. Writing as a broken promise. Writing during the death of my father. Writing as a mark. Writer as a marker.

So far, there have been no parameters or guidelines. We have pretty much played it by ear and the shape tends to be seemingly organic, although i’m sure it hasn’t been. One thing it has been is loose. It’s pretty loose.

In doing the next month, it seems like a fumble in the dark at first but, gradually, light comes in. Well, i can only hope. To reiterate, this project need not be a laborious thing. You can involve yourself as much as you want. The response can be and will be driven with whatever energy you have in that moment in time. Anyways, enough with my rambling. Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll take it from there.

warm regards,

brian. X

The spark fag broods absence....

The particle of fire upon the cigarette heats like a winter, stops here and breaks loose
the camel’s back.

one shattering light
one blinding light
together a light
one flashing light
once a light
a light grounding turn

one worried light
one grieving light
together a light
one angry light
sadly a light
a light weeping turn

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